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We think of a house as a place that we build and shape to reflect who we are, a place where we experience significant life moments and events.

But what if the reverse were also true? What if a house could shape those who enter it to reflect its own being? Affect the way those within its walls experience significant life moments and events?

Crown Hill  is the story of such a house and the lives of those who were shaped and connected by their experiences within. They include a suspected murderer, an abused wife, an accomplished lawyer-turned-spiritualist, an internationally renowned author and a newly divorced woman beginning again— their tales all told by the one who knows them best—Crown Hill.

“Christina Abt has put to words what many of us have felt about our homes, that there is life imbued in the walls, capturing the love and fears of generations while projecting strength and peace to those moving through the rooms. Crown Hill is a mystery and ghost story and a tale of redemption that will keep the reader turning pages.”  – Holly Lorincz, Publishing Consultant



“The historical parts I think are the most interesting, to me it lets you “meet” the subject. The historical facts I think are what bonds you to the house and characters.”—Jill  B.


“Christina, I just love all the characters in this book. You write exactly how someone would feel in certain situations. You write with such a nice flow, that really is a gift. I really truly hope this book gets published and sells very well for you! “—Karen B.


“At first I loved your writing style. Then I really liked the story . Now I really love story and the writing style, these last few chapters are just perfect.”—Jocelyn B.


“OK, I’m balling my eyes out! God Christina what an ending. The ending really wrapped up this story so perfectly. Then I read the about the author and started crying again.”—Laurie S.


” I just had to tell you that your way with words is just too beautiful for description. Your ability to bridge the 19th century with the 21st century with words and images is really lovely. I felt like I knew Mary and the days in which she lived. I could envy the simplicity of her life while aching for the pain she suffered. Yet I never felt like I was reading language that was unfamiliar to my 2013 literary experience.”—Liz S.


“Here are just a few words that can express the feelings I had while reading your book. They are, curiosity , surprise, warmth, and deep emotional entanglement.” Bob C.


“What a labor of love you have written.  I will read it again and then i will read it again.  It is a page turner, it keeps your interest. it makes you FEEL.!” —Cindy


I wasn’t sure I’d like the house-as-character format. I thought it might be too gimmicky. But I see now how you’ve woven it in. It is a necessary narrator, always there when needed, but unobtrusive when not in the scene. It reminds me of the narrator in Our Town.” —Lisa Z.


“I just finished Crown Hill with tears in my eyes.  I didn’t want it to end. The ending is perfect— touching, filled with love. Thanks you so much for the privilege of reading your treasure. It is a beautiful book.” —Marion S.


“As a guy who spent his whole career producing plays, I really felt strongly that there is a great play in Crown Hill.  A.R. Gurney wrote a play called “The Dining Room”. The play is a series of  vignettes that take place in the same dining room. Kids growing up, one kid coming home and finding his mother was having an affair, two teenage girls having their first drinks, a father allowing his little kids to eat at the dining room table instead of in the kitchen, an author writing her book…..might be my favorite play. Crown Hill reminded me of that work.  I smiled more than once.”—Peter H.


“Your central premise of the home being a living entity draws the reader right in. It creates a familiarity that resonates for anyone who has ever lived in an older house – one with “history”. And your imagery is magic. Tastes, textures, fragrances, personalities… You allow the reader to connect to these people and their history. Job well done, my sister!”—Noa B.




Chicken Wing Wisdom: Western New York Stories of Family, Life and Food Shared Around the Table. CWW


Publisher:  Buffalo Books (

Published Price:  $13.95 ISBN: 1-879201-52-6 Christina has penned a collection of stories about 14 Western New York women and their wisdom as it relates to food and nourishment. Learn life and kitchen secrets from 14 amazing women, including the creator of Buffalo’s Original Chicken Wings, the originator of the Subway low-fat brownie, the Broadway Market’s Butter Lamb Lady, a food research and development scientist and a certified nutritional counselor.


MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW: Chicken Wing Wisdom: Western New York Stories of Family, Life and Food is much more than a cookbook – it collects a wealth of true-life stories of family mealtime camaraderie (or discord)! A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate the timeless slice-of-life moments that make for wonderful leisure reading, especially while waiting for treats like Lisabeth’s Healthy Birthday Cake or Sr. Mary Johnice’s Cheese Souffle to cook! Profiles of individual recipe creators, often mothers whose creations grew out of love for their families and friends, enhance this superior collection of taste-tested dishes. “If I could, I would have only round tables… everywhere that people eat together. For when you bring people together at a round table, – the food, the conversation, the love – everything flows around the table with no end.”  


Lisa (Goodreads) CWW is a great read whether you like food, Buffalo or stories about inspiring women from all walks of life who have made a difference in their lives, their families lives, and their communities through food. And if you have ever heard of butter lambs it is MUST read! Great for a Sunday afternoon or to keep with you for when you have that extra few minutes to wait at the doctors office or on your lunch hour the biographical tales inspire. Enjoy!



Chicken Soup for the Soul of America    CS Soul


Publisher:  Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC

Published Price:  $12.95 ISBN: 0-7573-0007-3

On the morning of 9 / 11 / 2002 Christina was writing away in her home office, luxuiating in the morning sunshine, happy in the security of her world.  However at 8:47am, life as Christina and the entire world knew it was forever changed. Her essay titled, “Why Are You Waiting?” was chosed for inclusion in this extraordinary Chicken Soup Collection dedicated to the Soul of America.


Martha (Goodreads) Ironically I finished reading this book on the 9th anniversary of the events of September 11, on which the stories writen in the book were about. From the heart of the people who witnessed what happened the stores go from feelings of people when they heard the news, to reactions, to America responding, the world responding, what is next and reflections. What was the response of people? To want to help in any way they could, to mourn those that died, but to show that America would stand strong, and would recover and fight back, not letting terrorism win. These stores are written by the average person, compiled together to show that yes America was struck by a great tragedy, but that it would survive.


Krissy ( I laughed, cried and marveled as I read this book. I loved being able to read first-hand accounts of 9-11-01 from everyday citizens of NY. As an emergency worker, I can say that this book worked wonders for me in dealing with all of the traumatic emotions from that day. I plan to give many copies of this book to other emergency workers for Christmas. I hope another book with more stories in it comes out soon.



Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul   Romantic Soul


Publisher:  Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC

Published Price:  $12.95 ISBN: 0-7573-0042-1

Romance comes in all shapes and forms and in this essay by Christina, titled, “A Friend’s Secret”, the definition of the word is found in drawers, cabinets and even tucked in a lunch bag.


Mer (Goodreads) I enjoyed this book very much. Some of the stories were heartwarming, some made me laughed out loud, and some even got me mixed feelings. It felt like reading fiction because the stories were so good but those were real! You see, love is amazing and wondrous.   Karissa Chua (Goodreads)  Sweet sweet romantic book. It is sweet, sad, funny, wise and full of lessons in love. It includes stories of all ages that would truly touch your heart and soul. Love it. :))



Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman’s Soul   



Publisher:  Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC

Published Price:  $12.95 ISBN: 0-7573-0210-6  

Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly caught off guard by the emotion of a moment?  Christina shares just such a moment in her essay, “Life Lessons Well Learned”, when while speaking at a high school career day she received as much as she gave.



Georgia (Amazon) This book, Chicken Soul to Inspire a Woman’s Soul is geared towards women at midlife…but it truly is a great read, it consists of inspiring true stories for women of all ages. All the authors in this book are shining examples to all that read it. Afterwards, you’ll want to reach for the stars — I felt revitalized — I have a new lease on life…goals…my dreams will be fulfilled.


Elaxi (Amazon) This book is full of inspirations and values that can transform life. Attitudes always do matter and here’s a book to recommend every women – this means, parents of younger kids too as the chapters cover very useful messages in overcoming obstacles, friendship, parenting and across generations. Life is ever a twist and  turn, but books like these always stand by in our thick and thin. A good pick. Enjoy!



Heartwarmer’s                                                                                                                                                                                            Heartwarmers


Publisher:  Adams Media Corporation Published Price:  $9.

ISBN: 1-58062-308-5 Two of Christina’s essays were chosen for this inaugural edition of the Heartwarmer’s book series.  Both stories, “Just Wanted to Talk” and “Gino’s Haircut”, deal with the loss of loved ones and her life routines that were  impacted in ways that Christina never imagined.


 Susie (Amazon) I received this book the day after it’s release. I can’t even begin to tell you how many tears I have shed reading this book. The tears being good ones. It is such a wondeful feeling to know that are still people out there that are so kind, and wonderful. I am sure that some of them do not even realize the impact that they have in people’s lives with the words that they write. I have purchased several more copies of this book, and all of my co workers have each brought a book. If you do not subscribe to heartwarmers, I urge you to, it is guarenteed to change your life forever. In my eyes there are not enough stars to rate this wonderful book. Thank you to all the writers for all the wonderful work that you do


Mmandelbaum (Amazon) True to its title, “Heartwarmers” is an inspirational and heartwarming little gem. A great book to give as gifts for all occasions, and a great book to read yourself! Get yourself a steaming cup of hot cocoa, snuggle under some toasty quilts, and warm your heart with this precious collection of soul-stirring tales. I highly recommend it.


Heartwarmers of Love                                                                                                                                                                               Heartwarmers Love


Publisher:  Adams Media Corporation

Published Price:  $9.95 ISBN: 1-58062-471-5

A dream wedding complete with a Prince Charming.  And yet, while taking lessons for the “first dance” Christina learned a life lesson that taught her a whole new rhythm of life.



 Barb (Amazon) Stories shared in this little book have far reaching impression on the heart and soul of the reader. Heartwarming is almost not descriptive enough for the stories in this little volume.  A large gift in a small package at a small price I say.


Mushroom Lady (Amazon) This little book is a great way to spend your time in a world where there are so many things that are not. I carry it in the car so when I have to go in to a business where I know I will have to wait, I can take it along. The positive thoughts and quiet acts of God’s eyes, hands and feet in the world will warm your heart.


Roger (Amazon) “Heartwarmers of love” will take you on a journey of “feel-goods” and “smiles”. What a wonderful way to spend an evening.


Heartwarmers of Spirit       Heartwarmers Spirit


Publisher:  Adams Media Corporation

Published Price:  $9.95 ISBN: 1-58062-596-7

In this final of the Heartwarmer’s series of inspirational books, Christina’s featured essay, “The Housecleaning”, perfectly details the emotional turmoil that an adult child experiences when clearing out a parent’s home, one last time.


Donna (Google) Excellent stories that give hope to one’s life. I wrote a story that is included in this book, but all the stories are full of inspiration and the joy of overcoming tribulations that will occur many times without warning.


Goodreads Reader This book is full of short stories to lift your spirit. Well worth picking up to read if you come across it.


Stories For a Teen’s Heart Vol. 2                                                      Teens Heart


Publisher:  Multnomah Publishers

Published Price:  $12.99 ISBN: 9-78157673-797-2 I

n this book dedicated to teenagers, Christina’s essay, “Forward”, spotlights a young girl and her life’s challenges that were simplified through the kindness of a generous stranger.


Heather (Stories for a Teen’s Heart Reviewer) These stories are a a great way to cheer you up, make you laugh, make you cry and realize that life is very precious. You’ll find that you can relate to these stories too.  I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s great inspiration.


Lav (Goodreads) Great book about teens/preteens surviving difficult things or making a difference in the world. It really touched me and motivated me to make a change, or at least be nicer to the quiet kid sitting all alone in the corner.


Nikki (Goodreads) TWO THUMBS UP for Alice Gray. This book is one of a kind. Inspiration and yet true to the heart teen stories 🙂


Kristy (Goodreads) Really great stories in this one…very easy to read, very uplifting. A great book to give as a gift to any teen.



Pet Tales CD Volume 1                

Website: www;                                                                                                                                                       Pet Tales

Produced by: Pacific Coast Presentations

If you are a dog lover then you will enjoy Christina’s “Wet Nosed Kisses” story of her chocolate lab puppy, Hershel, and his unanticipated journey from home.








Love Knows No Boundaries CD         LKNB

Video site:

Music by: Noa Bursie ( Lyrics by: Christina Abt and Noa Bursie

Produced by: Eastco Multi Media Studios

When 51 lives were lost in the Western New York plane crash of Flight 3407, Christina was compelled to do something to help those impacted by the tragedy.  And so she did what she knows best—she wrote—partnering with respected singer/songwriter Noa Bursie on the lyrics to a song.  The result of their musical partnership became,“Love Knows No Boundaries”, which when recorded by a group of Buffalo’s finest musicians and singers, turned into a national fundraiser for the Flight 3407 Memorial.

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