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64 and More Vol. 48 #5 Ten Questions

Mandy Bailey and Trueman Muhrer-Irwin tackled the 64 and More Ten Questions with the same thoughtfulness and support of each other that they displayed throughout the Interview….and with the shared dedication to Mandy’s mantra that is the foundation of their Big Big Table Community Café….everybody eats, everybody matters .   To view other parts inContinue Reading

64 and More Vol. 46 #4 Making It Happen

For almost three years, Mandy Bailey and Trueman Muhrer-Irwin have worked to breath life into a community café in Buffalo , NY. In that time they have endured medical challenges, professional detours and mounting financial debt. Yet no matter the obstacles, this husband and wife have remained steadfast in their dedication to opening the doorsContinue Reading

64 and More Vol. 46 #3 Serving Up Heart and Soul

In putting together Buffalo’s first community café, Mandy Bailey and Trueman Muhrer-Irwin partnered with several different not-for-profit organizations before deciding to tackle the project on their own.  While Trueman ably tells the story of their efforts and achievements to date, as he states and as is very evident in this interview, Mandy is the heartContinue Reading

64 and More Vol. 46 #2 A Slight Change in Plans

When Buffalo transplants Mandy Bailey and Trueman Muhrer-Irwin heard about the idea of establishing a community café in the Queen City, they became engaged and involved. With Mandy’s culinary skills and Trueman’s not for profit experience, the couple were a perfect match for the project. That’s how Mandy found herself on a plane to Colorado….whereContinue Reading

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