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64 and More Vol. 47 #5 The Final Interview: Ten Questions

Well, it’s finally here. The last post of my 64 and More Adventure….which of course, is the infamous Ten Questions.

When I first imagined this year-long project, I wanted someway to connect the 52 people who would come to define 64 and More. After a bit of thought, my recall went to the celebrated “Inside the Actors Studio” interview program where host James Lipton always ends with ten questions.

While I admit to “borrowing” Mr. Lipton’s concept, the design of the 64 and More Ten Questions was my own and ended up being one of the most interesting and perhaps most significant parts of the series.

It was interesting…and annoying … have to deal with my own creation. In the end,however, thanks to my friend and expert interviewer, Kathryn Gallant, I muddled through and added my thoughts to the fabric of the 52 who answered before me.

Intro music performed by Alyn Syms
Closing music performed by Paul Yanni



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64 and More Vol. 47 #2 The Final Interview: Bloody Marys and The White House

My friend Kathryn Gallant is the American CEO of a British company specializing in market research on global healthcare. In her work, she has spent the past 25 years interviewing hundreds of people as a professional applied social science field researcher. Needless to say, when Kathryn asked if she could interview me about my 64Continue Reading

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